Take good care of your FLEXA product

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Maintaining a FLEXA bed FLEXA furniture is surface-treated with water-based lacquer several times to give it an optimal and elegant finish. Wipe the dust away and clean with a damp cloth. To remove more obstinate dirt, use a sponge dipped in household detergent. 

The details

Remember to wipe the details of the FLEXA products too. For optimal maintenance, do not use solvents and dilutions.

Hardwearing slide

Why not convert a FLEXA mid-high bed into a playground? Just add a slide. Children like to use it throughout the day – with or without shoes on. To remove scuffmarks, wipe with a damp cloth. FLEXA slides are made of hardwearing plastic. They are durable and look good as new for years.




Machine washable mattresses

The quilted covers on FLEXA mattresses are machine washable. For optimal hygiene, we suggest you wash mattress covers four times a year. Hygiene experts also say that mattresses should be vacuumed frequently.

Tighten screws and bolts

To prolong the life of your FLEXA products and ensure your child’s safety and comfort, screws and bolts should be tightened from time to time.

Let the dishwasher do the job

FLEXA Baby high chair seat is very easy to clean.
Just put it in the dishwasher and it will be good as new and ready for another food party.

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